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Tangents - 2004


Time Please, Gents
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening, including Guild League, Language of Flowers and French Impressionists

Pony Tales
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening, including July Skies, Pants Yell! and Camille and Alexander

Moments in time
John Carney gets worked up over some DVDs

Fireside Navigation
Rupert Loydell on his sounds of the '70s going on '80s

The Suburbs Are Killing Us
Alistair Fitchett on My Favorite, Playwrights and Wolfhounds

Every Dog Has Its Day
John Carney on Prefects and Nightingales reissues


A Far Cry From Kensington
John Carney with part two of The Ballad of Queen Cristina

Roundabout Midnight
Dr Marino Guida on music for driving and the Roundabouts of Letchworth calendar

Did Anyone Bring Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out?
Shane Moritz with the New Estate Tour Diary

Tomorrow Is A Long Time
William Crain makes a mix CD to make the world more bearable

A Fancied Wit
Matt Bryden on The Fall's Interim

The Ballad of Queen Cristina
John Carney on the sassiest, sexiest, brightest and boldest of pop performers

Trying To Get To Where
Part three of John Carney's When the sky was teenage blue

Paradise Found In A Lost Weekend
Michael Layne Heath with some San Francisco cultural lifelines

He never let it down
Kevin Pearce writes a tribute to Dave Godin

The Great White Wonder
Rupert Loydell on recent music book reading


Thanks John
Paul Donnelly pays tribute to John Peel

'can that possibly be right?'

Daniel Williams pays tribute to John Peel

Songs You Did Get To Hear On The Radio

When the sky was teenage blue - part two

When The Sky Was Teenage Blue

John Carney remembers The Swell Maps and the '80s Mod movement

The Midnight Days To Come
Alistair Fitchett on some recent listening

Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken
Michael White revisits Lloyd Cole and The Commotions' Rattlesnakes

Dropping Drinks Again
John Carney on DJ/Rupture


Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart
Alistair Fitchett on Jeff Lewis live at The Crypt, Bristol

What Could Be Simpler?
Alistair Fitchett on Velvet Crush, Unbunny and The Frenchmen

A Timely Intervention
John Carney on volume four of Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures

Imaginary Journeys
Paul Donnelly on the Deathprod boxset

Secret Songs
Rupert Loydell's recent listening

Apple Pie and Bullet Proof
Chris Fox on the return of American Music Club

Sweet and Low
Tim Footman reconsiders the Sugarcubes, with particular reference to the toilet habits of Henry VIII

There Is Nothing Wrong With Hating Rock Critics
Alistair Fitchett listens to some singles

What Colour Is Your Memory
John Carney on Geoff Dyer, Jill Scott and Teena Marie


Curses and Salves
Alistair Fitchett on more summer comics reading

Disturbing The Silence

Paul Donnelly on Mike Osborne and the John Stevens Trio

The Teams That Meet In Caffs
John Carney reads Iain Sinclair and listens to the songs for mario's cafe

A High Spot Along the Way
William Crain discovers The High Hat

End Of The Season
Alistair Fitchett on some recent listening

The Heat Goes On
Rupert Loydell on The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads

Hits and Ms.es
Rupert Loydell on recent listening

Back To The Old House
Alistair Fitchett goes back to Troon and listens to Simple Minds

A Man Called Adam, A Lady Called Teena, and A Group Called Malaria!
John Carney on some recent listening

Now Where Have I Heard This One Before
John Carney on Madeline Bell

Caught In Transition
Paul Donnelly on Soft Machine's Somewhere In Soho

Occasional Interruptions Of Blue

Rupert Loydell on three Art books

bleached yesterdays, beached tomorrows
Alistair Fitchett on some recent listening

City Breaks
Rupert Loydell on some recent book reading

I'm A Believer
Rupert Loydell on recent magazine reading

Notes from the Paris Underground
John Carney remembers the Jesus And Mary Chain and Dr Mix and The Remix

In Love With The Impossible
Alistair Fitchett on recent comics reading

Brazilian Love Affairs and Jazz Detours

John Carney on reading Geoff Dyer’s But Beautiful


Unlocking the Fragments
William Crain on some Beefheart moments

Taking Tiger Mountain (again)
Alistair Fitchett on a remake of the Eno classic

Finally Paying Attention
Rupert Loydell on recent listening

Be Original Or Die!
Alistair Fitchett on recent picture book reading

A Riot Of Colour
Alistair Fitchett ponders Animals That Swim's Faded Glamour

Teenage Wasteland
William Crain watches Over The Edge

The Whole World Is Not Watching
John Carney talks coincidences and connections

With a wreath and a sigh and a veil and a thigh
Alistair Fitchett's well disguised review of The Hidden Camera's Mississauga Goddam

Right In Your Own Back Yard

William Crain on Dion's '70s recordings

Ain’t Nothing But The Real Thing …

John Carney on James Chance

What Are You Waiting For?
Alistair Fitchett on three new Rev-Ola releases

A snapshot of your life in 3,760 chapters
David O MacGowan on some recent comics

Too much of one thing
Or, the ballad of the Go-Betweens. Daniel Williams on their Barbican show

Always Take The Weather With You
Rupert Loydell on David Toop's Haunted Weather

The Sweetest Sound Of All
Alistair Fitchett on Sodastream, The Soft Set and The Fairways

Power, Corruption and Lies
John Carney on his holiday reading and listening


Strange and sweet is the perfect combination
John Carney's recent listening

The Pall of Politeness
Alistair Fitchett on Magnetic Fields at the Lyric, London.

God's Consolation Price
John Carney remembers Robert Quine

Raiding The Archives
Paul Donelly on Soft Machine and Dreamtime

I, Moz
Matthew Hintz considers You Are The Quarry

Sharp As Lemonade
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening

Light Blue Touch Paper
Rupert Loydell on Brian Eno

Folding Fingers Over Stardust
Alistair Fitchett experiences Hidden Cameras

Difficult Fun
John Carney on the Slits, Glenn Branca and Metal Urbain

Lager, Fry-ups and Dodgy Motors
Carrie McMillan on Charlie Williams' Deadfolk


Count Backwards To Black
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening

So Cool and So Right
John Carney on recent listening

Dear Nick
A Letter To Nick Drake

The Boy In The Paisley Shirt
Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the TV Personalities by Alistair Fitchett

Themes From Great Cities
Alistair Fitchett listens to some new compilations

Paul Donnelly on Lasse Marhaug and Kim Hiorthoy

Satanic Picnics and Technical Difficulties
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening

The Greatest Pop Record Ever
John Carney on David Essex and ATV

Despite All The Amputations
William Crain on the Velvet Underground and The Modern Lovers

The Seasons come, the seasons go
Chris Fox on some recent live experiences

Back When An Election Meant Only A Day Off School

John Carney remembers The Special AKA and The Beat

Blue Winds Only Know
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening

To Lizzy … with love
John Carney remembers Lizzy Mercier Descloux

The Radio Is Gathering Dust
Paul Donnelly on some recent listening


Krautrock Meets Hip Hop
Paul Donnelly on Faust vs Dalek

Life of the Automobile
Marino Guida unleashes David Manson’s Beast

Revenge Is Sweet
John Carney on The Revenge Of Jasmine Minks

Alistair Fitchett on The Revenge Of Jasmine Minks

Shoulda Worn A Hat
Alistair Fitchett on some holiday listening

Casanova Being Punished
William Crain on Phil Spector

Intimate Sketches
Paul Donnelly on Jolie Holland's Catalpa

There’s Something About Jonathan
John Carney on The Fortress Of Solitude


Beauty Is The Ultimate Protest
John Carney on Chuck and Mary Perrin and Future Pilot AKA

Rupert Loydell embraces the digital revolution

Jonathan in the echo chamber

John Carney on Rock'n'Roll With The Modern Lovers

Message From The Improvisers
Paul Donnelly on Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers and Elton Dean

Staying Out of Touch
William Crain gets into time travel

Music is my boyfriend
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening

Here’s to the footnotes!

John Carney on Sharon Tandy

Here Comes The Weekend Again
Alistair Fitchett on Chuck and Mary Perrin, plus other Rev-Ola delights

Raise Every Voice…
John Carney contemplates Electrelane and Choral Jazz


Moving Away From The Pulsebeat
John Carney listens to some electronica

So High
Jonathan Donaldson's picks of 2003

24 days with a broken heart
Chris Fox ponders The Fall, Magic Band and Fire Engines

Mixing It
Paul Donnelly on Max Richter and Roberto Bonati

Soul In Clover … or What The Doctor Ordered
John Carney listens in to some soul reissues

It’s Not Enough To Love
Alistair Fitchett on some recent listening

How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?
Alistair Fitchett on Calvin Johnson at Exeter's Cavern

Wild Improvisations and Speaking Guitars
Paul Donnelly on some recent listening

Yesterday Once More
John Carney on his latest listening

Whatever Happened To...?
Rupert Loydell's recent Listening

All The Way From Water Orton
John Carney concludes The Felt Reissue Series

Higher Than A Weather Balloon
Alistair Fitchett on some recent listening

All-Singing, All-Dancing, All-Cardboard
SF culture lifelines, pt. two. Michael Layne-Heath on The Cockettes


Times Are Hard For Dreamers

part two of John Carney's look at the Felt reissues

Happy Talk
William Crain on recent reading and viewing

Nothing But Fixations

Michael Seidel on All Night Radio and The Elected

An Accident of Geography- Part 1
John Carney starts his look at the Felt reissue series

They Might Be Hits
Paul Donnelly on Hugh Hopper and Julian Whitfield's In A Dubious Manner

All About Leaving
David O MacGowan watches Take Care Of My Cat

I Swear To God The Feeling’s Real
Alistair Fitchett on New Estate, Squarepusher and Oneida

Soul Circus
Songs To Make You Drop Your Drink … pt 3. By John Carney

Galleries of Sounds and Visions
Paul Donnelly on Kim Hiorthoy and a new Rune Grammofon compilation

Happiness Is Not My Goal
Jonathan Donaldson on Belle and Sebastian

Notes, Corrections, Clarifications, Apologies, Addenda
Songs To Make You Drop Your Drink … pt 2. John Carney continues.

Poorly Cast As A Malcontent
Matthew Hintz on Postal Service, Death Cab for Cuties and The Shins

Songs To Make You Drop Your Drink
If only they had recorded just that one song ... pt 3. John Carney continues with his obsession

Facing Darkness
Paul Donnelly listens to Diamanda Galas

Burning Off The Fog
Alistair Fitchett plays some Rev-Ola reissues