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Tangents - 2002

All About Hope
Marino Guida with a few words for a forgotten hero, Elmo Hope

Finders Keepers
Alistair Fitchett on finding photographs

Giving Up the Ghost
William Crain's Top 10 Suicide Songs

Looking for The Phantom Lady
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening

John Carney on his two songs of the year

Jonathan Donaldson muses on Lounge at the Chimney Pavilion

History Repeating
Matt Bryden on Donna Tartt's The Little Friend

Heavy words are so lightly thrown...
Tim Footman on new books about The Ramones and The Smiths

Shipp Shapes
Marino Guida finds himself in a Blue corner with Matthew Shipp

Yet More Leisure Options
Robin Tomens on Bad Company, The Opus, Coltrane and N*E*R*D, amongst others

Paranoid Polaroids
Dee Dee asks himself: "Why are you dancing when you could be alone?"

96 Tears
Tim Footman remembers the C96 compilation. Well someone had to...

You're Too Hip, Baby
Stan Kenton returns, James Blood Ulmer scores. Marino Guida explains all.

Embraceable You?
William Crain on the pleasures of the oddities in record collections

Everyone's a cowboy now
John Carney on Mary Margaret O'Hara's Miss America

A Love Supreme
Paul Donnely on Ashley Kahn's book about the creation Of John Coltrane's classic clbum

I wonder why the other kids didn't like me
Alistair Fitchett on comic books by Seth, Daniel Clowes and Chris Ware

Is This Uncool?
Alistair Fitchett on a couple of music books

Sex Toy Story
Dee Dee on Grant Morrison's Filth

"The Jewel In The Crown Of New York City's Skyline"
Rupert Loydell on a new book about the Chrysler Building

J'Aime Lispector
Alistair Fitchett explains why you should too

Striving For The Lazy Perfection
Alistair Fitchett remembers The Orchids

More Leisure Options
Robin Tomens on recent listening

R Is For Razorcuts
Alistair Fitchett on the new Matinee retrospective

Actors aren't indie bands
Mark Morris on the Winona Ryder backlash

Unique and Timeless
Paul Donnelly on Faust's Patchwork and First Steps compilation

Whiskers on Koshkas and Warm Woolen Mittens
William Crain gets all positive on us

The Dancehall of Your Dreams
John Carney on Subway Sect's Sansend

Just Great Songs and Voices
Paul Donnelly on Hem, Kate Rusby and Dick Gaughan

Struggle and Salvation
John Carney says Thank God for Eddie and Ernie

Genius In The Crowd
Mike Morris on Keith Levene

Going Round In Circles
Rupert Loydell on recent reading, watching and listening, November 2002

Preparing To Swoon
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening

Everybody's a fucking genius these days
William Crain gets irate

Catching Up With The Past
Paul Donnely on Matching Mole and Back Door

Alistair Fitchett reflects on an old NME tape

You Couldn't Make It Up
John Carney on Ruth Copeland

Map Events
William Crain revists Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted

Updates; Tiger Style
Jonathan Donaldson on American Anaolg Set remixes

Champions of the fucking world
Why Alistair Fitchett can't stop listening to ballboy

Science Lessons
A decade on, John Carney revisits A Word of Science by Nightmares On Wax

Dancing On The Asylum Ceiling
Alistair Fitchett on two Ludus reissues

One person's rubbish...
Mark Morris on what you can find in the streets these days

Grey Skies Blue
Alistair Fitchett on three Matinee releases

Spit & Polish
Rupert Loydell on Damien Hirst, Peter Gabriel and Ryan Adams

Secondhand Nostalgia
Rupert Loydell on Barney Hoskyns, Mick Farren and The Velvet Underground

A Warm and Yeasty Corner
Jonathan Donaldson on Appendix Out's offering of covers

Pander! Panda! Panzer!
Matt Bryden on Mark E Smith's spoken word album

Love With A Passion Called Hate
Alistair Fitchett on the new Delgados album

American Rock
Alistair Fitchett on some recent listening

On the Road with Bob Dylan
Matt Bryden on the reissue of the classic Larry 'Ratso' Sloman book

Fly Into The Mystery
William Crain on the lasting allure of Felt

Saturday Night Frakture
Paul Donnelly on an Evening of Improvisations from Swung Dash and Paul Dunmall/Paul Rogers/Phil Gibbs

Count Me In On This One!
Alistair Fitchett on Richard Buckner's Impasse

Cop That, Col!
Alistair Fitchett on David Shrigley and the 2003 Redstone Diary

Now and Then and Now Again
Alistair Fitchett on recent reading

These Things Matter
Alistair Fitchett on The Russian Futurists, Butterflies of Love and Chickfactor

Music For The Eyes
Paul Donnelly on Ketil Bjornstad's Before The Light

Considerably cooler than you...
Tim Footman's ruminations on self-worth, credibility, cover-mounted reggae CDs and Atomic Kitten

Matt Bryden
reviews InsomniaIt's so cold in Alaska

Logic In The Square World
Robin Tomens on, amongst other things, paring down his record collection

Dylan's Metal Machine Music
William Crain casts an eye over Self Portrait

Notes of Joy and Exile
Paul Donnelly on The Blue Notes' Township Bop

Video Drone
Dee Dee MacGowan zones out with MTV

Reinventing The Wheel
Alistair Fitchett on books by Jessica Helfland and David Attwood

Waste of Paint?
Alistair Fitchett listens to Bright Eyes

Made To Make Your Spine Tingle
Alistair Fitchett on St Etienne, Marc Carroll, Bilge Water, Parasol and Flotation Toy Warning

Traditional and Modern
Paul Donnelly on new albums by Linda Thompson and Bill Jones

Singles Going Steady
Alistair Fitchett reviews recent single offerings

Action Time Vision
Alistair Fitchett on Rolled Gold by The Action

Dodging Ian McEwan
Rupert Loydell on his holiday reading, Summer 2002

Big Ideas
Carrie McMillan on Phaidon's Cyber_Reader

News From Norway
Music By People & Their Gadgets by Paul Donnelly

Something To Believe
Alistair Fitchett rambles on about St Etienne, the Heavenly label and assorted early '90s oddities

Soft Rock, Hard Place
James Nice admits to a soft spot for the 'Baker Street' troubador

Shafts Of Light
Dee Dee MacGowan listens to Silver Mount Zion

The Difference
Alistair Fitchett catches up with the novels of Charles Willeford

Garlands of Razor-Wire and Poppies
Alistair Fitchett on Cath Carroll, Ultramarine, Cody and Fosca

File Under 'World'
Paul Donnely on two recent releases by Rachid Taha and Bjorkenheim/Haker Flaten/Nilssen-Love

God's Busker (I Wish You'd Believe Me)
Tim Footman with a memory of the wondrous Wylie

Facelifts and Nosejobs
Paul Donnelly on Michael Hurley, Delta Blues and Soft Machine

1970's Late Afternoon
William Crain on childhood and The Clientele

Close To Perfection
Alistair Fitchett on some Sundazed releases

The Most Wonderfulest Thing
Alistair Fitchett on some recent listening, July 2002

Dreamland: New Places To Go
Rupert Loydell's Recent Listening, June 2002

So Is It There or Not?
Dee Dee McGowan looks through smoke and mirrors at the media

Cease To Exist
William Crain on Sonic Youth

It's Not A Whistle, It's A Signal
Dee Dee McGowan decides not to throw out Tigertown Pictures by Comet Gain

The Last Of The Steam Powered Trains
Alistair Fitchett on July Skies

The Dark Stage
Paul Donnelly on Tom Waits' Blood Money

Dope and Glory
Paul Donnelly on Reefer Songs from the Thirties & Forties

The Story Of Three Circles
Robin Tomens on DJ Shadow and Sub Pop's 'anthology of noise'

It Ain't Necessarily So
Rupert Loydell on English Experimantal music and a couple of music books

Bill Drummond Said
Alistair Fitchett buys 1/20,000th of a Richard Long artwork. Or does he?

Shoegazing For Jesus
Tim Footman explains all...

From the Depths of Hell
William Crain on 'Beat Bop' by K-Rob and Rammellzee

As Important As It Is Irrelevant
Alistair Fitchett on The Shins, Kinks, Josef K, Ludus and Bob Mould

Quiet Suburban Dreams
Alistair Fitchett on July Skies, Golden Rough, Darren Hanlon and Simpatico

I Don't Want to be Happy
Marino Guida with a noir-western, soundtrack by the Kinks and Swell

The Human Male is Unnecessary
Clare Sharkey asks whether Severino Antinori can really produce a human clone

Collecting Obsessions
Alistair Fitchett on books by Speck and LOT/EK

Shave Your Head
Alistair Fitchett remembers Stockholm Monsters and Happy Mondays

24 Hour Party People
Three reviews of the Factory Story movie

West of Rome
Marino Guida with more jazz vibes at the end of another season

Some Trains In England And America
Rupert Loydell on, well, some trains in England and America

California Is Just Over The Horizon
Alistair Fitchett on The Millennium and their associated off-shoots

Seeing Sound
Alistair Fitchett reviews Sonic Graphics

Get Your Kicks...
Alistair Fitchett on The Final Cut - Route 66, Stencil Graffiti and the Little Book of Design Classics

Crossing Off Names In Notebooks
Alistair Fitchett on some recent reading

Six Good Reasons To Hate Tony
Mike Morris on Mr Blair

Lights in my brain
Daniel Williams on Boards of Canada

Pop Art Politicians
William Crain on the first Love album

There For The Duration
Alistair Fitchett listens to the Lucksmiths

Shared Obsessions
Current listening and recent reading, April 2002

The Cenotaph of the Bike Shed
James Nice logs on at Friends Reunited

Michael Layne Heath on In The Beginning There Was Rhythm

Alistair Fitchett on the new A Certain Ratio compilation on Soul Jazz

Don't Blink
Alistair Fitchett reviews some 7" singles

Travelling Without Motion
Alistair Fitchett on books by Tomato

Between Delta And Delaware
Kee Leng on why he can't stop listening to an Airport Girl song

punk rock changed my life, kinda
William Crain on Black Flag Live in Houston, back in 1985

Can Susan Sontag elucidate the offside rule?
Mark Morris on BBC Four and Footballers' Wives

Some Old Time Travelling
Paul Donnely on The Be Good Tanyas' Blue Horse

You don't have to be beautiful, to be beautiful
An appreciation of Mark E. Smith by William Crain

Is a dish best served with mint sauce
Daniel Williams on Lambchop

Another New York
Rupert Loydell on The Blank Generation and the Twin Towers Remembered

If Earth Has Life On It
or Brian, Happy At Last:
Michael Layne Heath's overview of the Beach Boys in the Seventies

How Pop Is that?
Alistair Fitchett remembers the Shop Assistants

Shopping Therapy
Alistair Fitchett buys CDs by Colourbox, Teardrop Explodes, Terry Hall, Clinic and Slumber Party

For All The Great Explorers
Kevin Pearce bids farwell

Shot By Both Sides
Alistair Fitchett on Echo and the Bunnymen and Buzzkunst

Mr Zen Remains Seated
Kelly Joe Phelps : In Concert & on ´Beggar's Oil' by Paul Donnelly

Bored and Dumb?
Alistair Fitchett at the Andy Warhol retrospective

The Ugly Sound Your Past Makes
William Crain on memories and music

On Expecting Too Much
Mike Morris on what we expect of our artists

Where To Put The Past?
Dee Dee McGowan puts a case for living taxidermy

The Story Of The Blues
Alistair Fitchett on a new Phaidon published retrospective of photographer Martin Parr.

Better Late Than Never
Rupert Loydell reconsiders The Sound

Wandering With W.G. Sebald
Bob Garlitz on the late, great author

The Isis Anthology
Matt Bryden on a new Bob Dylan book

Translating Faust
Paul Donnelly on Freispiel : Ravvivando Remixes

"Get Out of My Face and I'll Play Your Favorite Song"
or Brianjonestown Massacre Alive in Austin by William Crain

Talk About The Past
Alistair Fitchett on recent LTM reissues by The Wake

Your Past is at Your Shoulder
Alistair Fitchett on James Sallis and Jason Flores-Williams' Last Stand of Mr America

California Dreaming: Cold Blue Music
Rupert Loydell on some recent listening

Making the Grade
Alistair Fitchett on albums by Overflower and The Soft Set

Comforting Ho-Hum
William Crane sinks back and listens to Grand Funk Live Album

Add Some Music To Your Day
Alistair Fitchett discovers the world was right about the Beach Boys all along

Not Quite Right
Rupert Loydell on Mary George of Allnorthover and In The Beginning There Was Rhythm

Recognize I'm a Fool
William Crain on The Old Dirty Bastard as the Holy Fool

Rabid Curiosity
Alistair Fitchett on Friends Again, Orchids, Mountain Goats and White Stripes

Aches, Pains and Shivers
Robin Tomens reviews three albums to cheer up the moping music junkies

Heroes Wobble But They Don't Fall Down
Kevin Pearce on Jah Wobble and a new Soul Jazz compilation

styrofoam, clingfilm and tinfoil
Alistair Fitchett on Fugu

Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
Rupert Loydell on the Bruce Cockburn Collection

Thank You For Your Truth
Ruvi Simmons on Johnny Cash's 1990's recordings

Notebooks out, bookworms
Graham Coleman is very disappointed with novelists who make clumsy and inaccurate pop references

Sounds Pretty Good To Me
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening by Freezepop, Lifestyle, Aerospace, Flare and Dreamy records

I just challenge anyone to listen to them and not cry
Kevin Pearce on Honey Cone, Brigitte Fontaine, Thomas Leer, The Free Design and A.R. Kane

Reflections of a Golden Eye
Ruvi Simmons on the films of John Huston

Of Cerberus and Saint Mugging Squirrels
Dickon Edwards on Alice In The Underground by Scarlet's Well

Getting To The Point
Rupert Loydell on the new album by Cornelius

Poetry and All That Jazz
Rachel Stevenson on Phillip Larkin

I Won't Freak Out This Time
Jake McGee interviews satanstompingcaterpillars

Like Nothing But Soul
Alistair Fitchett re-discovers Jazz with Robin Tomens and Roy DeCarava

Truth or Consequences
Alistair Fitchett on recent collections of photographs by Robert Capa and Nick Waplington

The Manual Of A Jazz Fan
Paul Donnelly reviews Robin Tomens' Points Of Departure

That Nag, Nag, Nag-ing Feeling
Rupert Loydell on the real Cabaret Voltaire

What Happened When Progrock Left To Make A New Home Far Away
Paul Donnely investigates new releases by DFA and Finisterre

The Woman Who Knew Best
Mike Morris on Mary Whitehouse

Damned if you do, damned if you don't
Kevin Pearce with a story of shadows, ghosts and flowers

Sunlight on the snow
Alistair Fitchett on recent Matinee label recordings

Better Late Than Never
Rupert Loydell on his recent reading, December 2001

Troubadours and Dronemasters
Rupert Loydell on his recent listening, December 2001

I Can Only Give You Everything
Alistair Fitchett on Lester Bangs' Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung

Still Turning The Pages
Alistair Fitchett on recent reading

A City Constructed By A Saxophone
Paul Donnelly on Simon Yarde's Manhattan Suite