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Tangents - 2003

The Story of QQ
Where's Simon Topping Now - pt 2. John Carney poses the question (again).

The Perfect Christmas Presents
If only they had recorded just that one song - pt 2 of John Carney's series

A Box Worth Opening
Paul Donnelly on Jimmy Lyons' Box Set

My Head's In '74
Michael Layne Heath on the Velvet Tinmine and other trans-cultural lifeline grabs - pt. one

The Antichrist of Jazz Noodlers
Paul Donnelly remembers Ron Aspery (1943-2003)

Who Said Rudi Can't Fail?
If only they had recorded just that one song - part one of a new John Carney series

today is yesterday in disguise
Alistair Fitchett makes a mix

Change The Programme Please!
John Carney's messy aesthetics - part four

Stop Trying To Think
Mark Morris checks out some art


The Apple Of My Eye
Alistair Fitchett on some recent reading materials

Faith, Hope and Charity
John Carney's messy aesthetics - part three

The Day The Rain Came Down
Alistair Fitchett listens to some singles

Alistair Fitchett on Ballboy

Magazines and duvet days
John Carney with part two of his 'messy aesthetics'

Get Thy Bearings
William Crain makes a mix for Matthew

Fruitful Liasons
Paul Donnelly on Louis Sclavis and Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble

2003: a Funnybooks Odyssey
David MacGowan on his favourite comic books of the year

Note The Details
John Carney watches Dexys and buys a Rich Kids compilation

What red carpet?
Mark Morris on the scruffy delights of the London Film Festival

Where Is Simon Topping Now?
John Carney puts the question

Dislocated Dance
Alistair Fitchett on The Playwrights

Outside The Museum
Paul Donnelly on Hans Joachim Irmler's solo album

Noisy Summer
Matthew Hintz on The Raveonettes' Chain Gang Of Love

Me and You, a Dog Named Boo and Thermodynamics Too
William Crain considers Elliott Smith's demise

Sunday Morning
Alistair Fitchett on more recent listening

Nothing Never Changes
Alistair Fitchett on some recent listening

I Dreamed I Saw Patti Smith...
John Carney considers some singer songwriters and reminds us to love the Runaways again


Old And Grumpy
Alistair Fitchett ponders Rupert Loydell getting old and grumpy

Do The Write Thing
Rupert Loydell ponders music writing and getting old and grumpy

Tim Footman on Maher Shalal Hash Baz' Blues Du Jour

Out Of Time!
John Carney with part two of The Soul Punk Explosion

Sampling The Samplers
Paul Donnelly on offerings from Thirsty Ear and Fat Cat

What's Hidden In The Garage?
John Carney with part 1 of the Punk Soul Explosion

Old & New / Reissue & Repackaging
Recent listening, October 2003

Every Picture Tells A Story
Rupert Loydell on Joni Mitchell's Shadows & Light DVD

Lydia - a lover's guide
John Carney on the Lunch lady

Airbrush The Pentagon
Tim Footman on the prospect of a Primal Scream 'best of'

This Unique Voice
Paul Donnelly on Robery Wyatt's Solar Flares Burn For You


What's It All About, Marky?
Tim Footman considers Paul Morley, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Doris Day, and others

She Who Laughs Last-
John Carney with the missing link between the punk silliness of Spizz and the cool electro of Carl Craig

Freedom And Formality
Robin Tomens on four Blue Note reissues

Dance In The Fallen Leaves
Alistair Fitchett on Belle And Sebastian, Isobel Campbell, James Kirk and BMX Bandits

Everything's All Right Forever
some of Alistair Fitchett's recent listening

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised As No Bugger Bothered To Record It For Posterity!
John Carney's only possible revolution - a slight return

Is It Jazz?
Paul Donnelly on three albums

Cornish Inspirations
Rupert Loydell on three books

All The Troubles In The World, On A Transistor Radio
part four of John Carney's only possible revolution

Nothing New Under the Big Black Sun
Michael Press with an Attack of the Midget Submarines

Not With Bangs But A Wimp. Errr...
Rupert Loydell on new books by Paul Morley and Lester Bangs

Illustration, Art and Architecture
Rupert Loydell on recent picture books

Songs They Possibly Don't Play On The Radio
John Carney's only possible revolution - part three

The Playwrights In The Provinces
Ben Shillabeer writes their Careless Talk Costs Lives tour diary

Talkin' Loud
Robin Tomens on Wynton Marsalis at the Jazz Cafe

The Price Of Bread On Divisadero Street
Michael Layne-Heath sends 'another the letter' from San Francisco

Heavy Metal
Rupert Loydell on 23 Skidoo's The Culling is Coming


Punk Rock 101
Alistair Fitchett watches The Horny Truth and The Gossip

Dream Baby Dream
Alistair Fitchett watches The Playwrights and The Legend!

There's A New Girl
Alistair Fitchett on some recent singles and EPs

We Shall Win...
The Only Possible Revolution, Part 2.

The Only Possible Revolution
John Carney on some recent listening

Perpetual Twilight
Alistair Fitchett on some recent listening

Take A Picture
William Crain interviews Margo Guryan

Jazz In Japan
Paul Donnelly on, well, some Jazz from Japan

On Top Of A Mountain Top
Chris Fox on Daniel Johnston at Stereo, Glasgow, 10th August 2003

Going Above Ground
William Crain looks back on 1980-1982

Of Blankets and Batman
Alistair Fitchett on his summer of comics

What Speed Do You Read At?
John Carney ponders books and Country Soul

Refresh Your Ears
Paul Donnelly on two new Thirsty Ear releases

Here's Tom with the Weather
Mark Davies on the new Shack album

The Door And The Window And Perfect Harmony
John Carney on recent listening


Home Made
Rupert Loydell celebrates an Eyeless in Gaza/Lol Coxhill reissue

Let Bygones Be Bygones
Rupert Loydell on two recent music books

What Do You Call That Noise?
John Carney on some recent listening

Naomi Through The Window
Rachel Stevenson on the 'posterchild' of the anti-globalisation movement

The Velvet Hour
Daniel Williams on the new album by The Clientele

School Sucks
Alistair Fitchett survives it all with The Clientele

Tim Hopkins on the Clientele's The Velvet Hour

Do The Rubber Neck
Alistair Fitchett on some recent listening

Beauty Stab
ABC's second album reappraised by Mark Davies

Cycling and Football Vs. Drinking
William Crain finds the third way

Le Velo
Alistair Fichett tells why, for him, cycling beats football hands down

Football vs Cycling
Robin Tomens puts the case for footie

Buy This Record Please!
John Carney on The Wild Swans' Incandescent

Treasure Hunting
Alistair Fitchett on The Wild Swans' Incandescent

What Do I Look Like, An Indian?
William Crain on Rough Trade Shops- Post-Punk Vol. 01

Contents of the Jiffy Bag
Paul Donnelly on some recent listening

Positively Houston St.
Matthew Hintz on Yes New York

You're Shouting So Loud You'd Do Better To Mime
John Carney on New York Noise

I Blame the Teachers
Alistair Fitchett listens to the Playwrights

William Crain on experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage


Making Plans For Time Machines
Alistair Fitchett revisits the early 1980's

Rain On The Roof
John Carney ponders Jim Dodge and Picket Fences

Stains On A Decade
Alistair Fitchett on Felt

Faulty Logic
Rupert Loydell's recent listening

Noise From Norway
Paul Donnelly on some new releases

Untitled No 1
Robin Tomens improvises

John Carney raises a glass for Biff Bang Pow!

Everett True upon hearing the new Dexys single for the 4th time

See, Speak, Hear No Evil
Matthew Hintz experiences Hidden Cameras in NYC

Strange Obsessions and Secret Histories
Recent books about music & creativity, June 2003

Uneasy Listening
Paul Donnelly on the reissue of Supersilent 1 - 3

Why there's no mention of Kent records in the records of Kent
John Carney on some recent reading

The ABZ of QSL
Histories of Modernist alphabets and Ham radio reviewed by Alistair Fitchett

Kisses In The Sunset Trees
Alistair Fitchett reviews some singles

A Gas Regardless
Michael Seidel falls in love with Minus The Bear

Sacred Identity
Rich heap interviews Hidden Cameras' Joel Gibb

Swing Out, Brother
Robin Tomens on the Application of Post-Rockit Science to Big Band Sound


Sam Rivers, Crushing Fist
Marino Guida on the living legend, then and now

Another View Of The Sun
Paul Donnelly on the Midnight Sun tour, Unity Theatre, Liverpool, May 27th 2003

Candyfloss and Hate
John Carney with some notes from a summer passed

Old And New Sounds From Silver Spring
Paul Donnelly on two new Cuneiform releases

Whatever Happened To Judd Nelson?
Tim Footman has thoughts about movies about unpleasant American teenagers

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Rupert Loydell on the Midnight Sun tour, Exeter Phoenix, May 22nd 2003

English Summer Of Rain
Alistair Fitchett on The Dears, Lucksmiths, Stars of Aviation, Adam Green and Flare

Da Capo- play it again
Marino Guida takes it from the top shelf

Say, Say, Say
Matt Bryden on Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Interpol, and StormTapes

Diverse Processes
Paul Donnelly on Set Fire To Flames and Bone

Surprise, Surprise / Confounding Expectations
Rupert Loydell's recent Listening

Fly Me To The Moon
Rupert Loydell on recent reading

Punishment, Torture, Princes and Princesses
David McNamee talks to Lisa Germano

The Bitterest PiL You'll Have to Swallow
William Crain listens to Yoko's Plastic Ono Band

Where Giraffes and Flamingoes Lived
David McNamee on Trembling Blue Stars

I Hated Nick Hornby Before You Hated Nick Hornby
John Carney has some thoughts on 31 Songs -

The Ever Present Past
Robin Tomens on some new old records

Dots joining up, lights lighting up
Chris Fox watches The Pastels play Triptych

Strange Rumblings in Tejas
William Crain on some Austin bands

When Are We Going To Build Some Statues For The Greats?
John Carney reads Shena Mackay's Heligoland

Making A Jazzrock Noise
Paul Donnelly on Nucleus' BBC sessions


No Offence
Tim Footman goes in search of The Song That Nobody Hates

Old Mind Tapes Can Be Wiped Clean
Robin Tomens digs the Beach Boys and Autechre

More Coffee and Cookies
Alistair Fitchett sorts through stuff

Like A Son Of A Bitch
Alistair Fitchett's recent reading

Housewives so bored they get naked!
William Crain on Simon and Garfunkel and Led Zeppelin

Caught In The Loops
Paul Donnelly on Hugh Hopper's Jazzloops

Recent Listening
Mia Clarke reviews some albums

So I'll sing this song of love for Jools
John Carney listens to Sunset Glow

Look Up
Alistair Fitchett's recent listening

There's Light, There's Love
Chris Fox on Throwing Muses, Glasgow Queen Margaret Union, 23rd March 2003

Black Magic
Rupert Loydell on David Toop's Black Chamber

Make a Jazz Noise Here
Rupert Loydell on Ian Carr's Nucleus

Tomorrow Never Comes
Alistair Fitchett on Hidden Cameras

Chicago Gamelan
Jeff Parker comes up from the Underground. Marino Guida investigates


An Exceptional Evolution
Paul Donnelly on Soft Machine's BBC Radio Sessions

Tales from the Australian Underground
David Nichols on the compilation of singles 1976 - 1989 from Feel records

Off The Wrist Of Orion
James Nice reads the Steve Strange autobiography and emerges unscathed but scathing

Chipmunk Paste
Everett True reviews some singles

What They Did In Their Early Days
Paul Donnelly listens to some early Fairport Convention reissues

Jesus is On the Main Line
William Crain on Mississippi Fred McDowell and Skip James

What is it with re-issues?
Alistair Fitchett on recent re-issue action

I Hate The Charlatans
John Carney on Fay Hallam and Makin' Time

Energy and Intimacy
Paul Donnely on The Be Good Tanyas and Erin McKeown in Liverpool

Musical Strategies
Rupert Loydell's recent listening

Pop, Pop, Pop Music
Rupert Loydell on Nick Hornby's 31 Songs

Transitory Snapshots
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening

The Bloody Poetry Of Bill Callahan
Tim Footman on exactly that

Degrees Of Passion
Paul Donnely on Drop The Debt and Erin McKeown

Pizza Pie and Junk
Jonathan Donaldson on pizzas and a Menthol album

Aesthetics Is A Funny Word
John Carney investigates the world of Wackies

From Banjo To Bhangra
Paul Donnelly on Be Good Tanyas and some Yorkshire bhangra

I had to fantasise just to survive...
Peter Millar muses on life's soundtrack

Are You Earthed?
Jonathan Donaldson on the new Appliance album


Every Day We Slaughter Our Finest Impulses
Robin Tomens ponders Bad writing

How far d'you go?
John Carney on recent listening experiences

Feeling On Our Collective Booty
William Crain on R. Kelly

Not Your Uncle Lou's VU
and other excitations: a letter from San Francisco by Michael Layne Heath

Developing The Legacy
Paul Donnelly on Soft Works

Robin Tomens' recent listening

A Tinkled Ivory and a Twinkling Cymbal
Alistair Fitchett on some recent Matinee releases and other assorted gems

Paul Donnelly on Supersilent 6 and Maja Ratkje

Alchemical Connections at the Hi-Fi
William Crain ruminates

Reasons to Celebrate
Paul Donnelly on Ram's Madi Gra and Dorothy Masuka's The Definitive Collection

International Deejay Gigolos
Peter Millar on the International Deejay Gigolos CD Six collection

Futures We Trust Will Be Okay
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening

Photographs as Memories
Rupert Loydell on Eyeless in Gaza and 23 Skidoo

One Bedroom. Three Times
The Sea And Cake album given three once overs by Tim Hopkins, John Carney and Daniel Williams


Agents of Change
Alistair Fitchett on Blue Orchids

Back on the streets
Alan Osborne on the reissue of Pavement's Wowie Zowie

Redeemed Through Pain
William Crain on Jim Carroll's Forced Entries

Who's Still Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Mark Morris struggles with The Hours

Return To The Black Room
Paul Donnelly on Peter Hammill's Clutch

Going to Heaven
Marino Guida gets there with Mat Maneri, Connie Francis and A Man Called Adam.

Memoria 2002
Robin Tomens pick of the year gone by

Guess I'm Dumb
Jonathan Donaldson on a Beach Boys covers album

Close Your Eyes and Dissappear
Alan Osbourne on Velma

Not Everyone Can Live Like Millionaires
Alistair Fitchett on The Mountain Goats' Tallahassee

Perfect Cheekbones
Alistair Fitchett on Miaow

Jewel Case Towers
Alistair Fitchett on recent listening

Bridge Building
Jonathan Donaldson on Boards of Canada's Twoism